Environmental Work


2010 Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup


In the summer of 2010, we jumped in and spent six months helping to clean the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We trained specially for Hazmat cleanup and, because of our prior management experience, placed us as site supervisor and safety officer of one of the 22 decontamination stations along the Gulf coast. Located in the ICW of Pensacola and Mobile, Alabama we oversaw the operations of small and large vessel decon managing a crew of captains and two dozen technicians.


2012 Snook Islands Project


In the winter of 2011 and spring of 2012 we participated in an environmental project in the ICW off the town of Lake Worth. The project was a double environmental "coup" creating wetlands in Okeeheelee Park removing and relocating millions of cubic feet of sand and relocating that fill to the ICW near Bryant Park creating mangrove Islands for bird and fish habitat. We captained tug and pushboats for six months averaging a dozen barge trips a day through the Lake Worth Bridge with up to 100 truck loads of sand per pass. 


2014 Storm Sandy Cleanup


In summer of 2014 we were hired again by the same company we worked for in the Gulf. This time to help the remediation of Hempstead Bay from Hurricane Sandy damage. As captain of tug, pushboat and runabouts we helped remove thousands of cubic feet of debris (everything from submerged docks, boats, vehicles, pilings and an entire coastline of backyard items). We also transported hundreds of dumpsters worth of plastic, wood and garbage collected by a "land army" working throughout the sensative wetland marshes.


Killer Bee Recycle Program


Scientists estimate that our planet's Oceans absorb between 5 and 14 million tons of plastic each year. We recycle every plastic and glass bottle, aluminum can, and all such containers used onboard our charter boat, the Killer Bee.  Additionally,  when possible we collect as much as we can in our travels on the water (all which is bagged and brought to onshore recycle containers). This is our small contribution toward acting responsibly while at sea.  We also mind all marked areas that may be home to manatees and other sea life. Most are idle speed zones and we act accordingly.


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